About Naukuchiatal

Located in the heart of Uttarakhand, Naukuchiatal is a magical hill station which is much famed for its lakes and surrounding water bodies. Literally translating into the “Lake of nine corners”, this picturesque hill station also offers tremendous opportunities to experience the best of paragliding in Naukuchiatal. Leaving you with fresh feels of the snow-clad mountains and the positive vibes, keep this guide handy as you gear up to glide amidst the mesmerizing hills of Uttarakhand.

Location: Located at a distance of 20 kilometers from Nainital
Altitude: 6002 ft.
Length: 3225 ft.
Breadth: 2274 ft.
Depth: 175 ft.
Famous For: Paragliding, Birdwatching, and Angling
Ideal Duration: 2 to 3 days
Nearest Airport: Pant Nagar, Uttarakhand
Nearest Railhead: Kathgodam, Uttarakhand

Weather in Naukuchiatal

The weather conditions have a direct impact on experiencing paragliding in Naukuchiatal as the hill station experiences extreme climate during winters. Though Naukuchiatal is a year-round destination that can be cherished in all the seasons, it is advised to keep a check on the weather while one if traveling to the hill station


Summers: Starts from March to June – Average temperature ranges from 11°C to 30°C
Monsoon: Starts from July to August – Average temperature ranges from 16°C to 25°C
Winters: Starts from September to February – Average temperature ranges from -2°C to 14°C

Best Time to visit Naukuchiatal

The best time to visit Naukuchiatal is from the months of April to June, but when it comes to sightseeing and indulging in adventure activities like that of paragliding in Naukuchiatal, one can visit the hill station from the months of September to November as well.


Naukuchiatal Adventure Activities

  • Mountain Biking.
  • Horse Riding.
  • Spotting Wildlife.
  • Trekking.
  • Boating.
  • ParaGliding.

Local Attractions

Naukuchiatal Lake

Located at the foothills of the Kumaon Mountains, Naukuchiatal is perhaps the most picturesque lake in Uttaranchal, surrounded by green slopes and oak forests. At an altitude of 1,219 m and just 24 km from Nainital, Naukuchiatal or the ‘nine-cornered lake’ is fed by an underwater spring. It is believed by the locals that whoever sees all the nine corners of the lake at one shot, attains Nirvana. Pretty views of terraced fields and meadows make this lake destination an enjoyable stopover.

An activity one must indulge in while visiting Naukuchiatal Lake is boating. Apart from its beautiful background, the best part is its peaceful surrounding where one can even enjoy the birds chirping. The activity is charged and comes under the local union.



Jungliagaon is a spot for photographers which display the actual meaning of solitude and entrancing beauty.
Located 8kms from Naukuchiatal, this place is an ideal spot for angling, bird watching and wildlife photography. It’s a must visit for nature lovers.


Bhimtal Lake 

The place is a must visit and considered as one of the best destinations for the excursion. Situated 4 km from Naukuchiatal and 1375 m above the sea level, Bhimtal is most famous for its Bhimtal Lake and a small island in the middle. This place has also a legend attached to it which says that Bhimtal is an ancient place where Bhim from Mahabharata, after whom the area is named, spent time during the exile period of Pandavas.


A paradise amidst lying amidst nature in its perfect form, Sat Tal is bunch of seven fresh water lakes connected together and bounded by a curtain of thick forest of pines and oaks.
In 19 kms from Naukuchiatal, this place serves as a temporary inhabitant for numerous migratory birds creating a paradise for bird lovers. Situated at an altitude of 1370 m above the sea level, Sat Tal is crystal clear and is constituted of seven lakes namely: Sukh Tal, Ram Tal, Sita Tal, Lakshman Tal, Purna Tal, Nal Damyanti Tal and Garud Tal.


Nainital is a famous hill station which lies at merely a distance of 28 km from Naukuchiatal. It serves as an epicenter of various attractions and panoramic views attracting visitors in large numbers.
Enriched in the wide range of flora and fauna, one can himself/herself lost in its majestic backdrop of glistening Himalayas. It is also a great place for shopping, sightseeing with ever-growing hotel industry.